- Facilitation

- Program Design

- Media training

- Writing for broadcast

- Nonviolent communication
- Situational Leadership

   and more

Digital offerings (including Covid-19 transitioning):

- Digital pedagogy/instruction
- Online facilitation methods
- Tools for engagement
- Converting to digital programming


Client list available upon request

“Quyen has a true talent for team building and fostering leadership. On the first day, I felt worried as I couldn’t see points for connecting with people due to lack of similarities. We were a group of people from different continents, lines of work, sexuality, interests, work styles, humor, etc. Quyen introduced very simple yet energizing and engaging games for the group. At first they seemed simply funny, and some in the beginning weren’t as eager to participate. Quyen, however, managed to foster the right dynamic so that everyone felt engaged to interact with every member of the cohort. Quyen’s style of facilitating discussions is such that she is firm when some directing is needed, but she is self-aware to step out at the right moment and let the conversation flow naturally. At the end of the summit, the cohort felt more like a family, yet only three and a half days ago these were a group of strangers who had never met each other. This happened because none of the activities and discussions that Quyen introduced felt forced. She was incredibly empathetic and both socially and emotionally aware with the group. Everyone was pleased and concluded that the summit was a life changing experience for them.

Tamara Grigoriyeva,
Senior Eurasia Emergency Assistance Specialist
Freedom House

Quyen possesses all of the qualities that great trainers/facilitators have extremely intelligent, engaging, motivating, good sense of humor. Our pod felt we hit the jackpot and got the best trainer there.

Clyde Ishii, MD
President, the American Association of Plastic Surgeons

Ms. Ngo's Media Training Session was so productive because we learned how to effectively communicate our message, pitfalls to look out for and avoid with the media, and practiced our skills live with the group. When we learned each of us would "perform" in front of the group, I think everyone was a little nervous about being judged, but Ms. Ngo creates a warm atmosphere of camaraderie and, even as a somewhat nervous public speaker, I enjoyed it and the feedback I received. It was well worth it. I can tell you that it helped me immensely.